Manage Better with Anshuman Tiwari

A Qualitist Future - Suresh Lulla

May 17, 2021 Anshuman Tiwari / Suresh Lulla Season 2 Episode 8
Manage Better with Anshuman Tiwari
A Qualitist Future - Suresh Lulla
Show Notes

Last week Balaji S Reddie of the #Deming forum, and I spoke to our guru and mentor Suresh Lulla on my show Manage Better. This was the season finale show and was totally worth it.

Mr Lulla is a legend and the foremost Quality teacher and consultant we have. A disciple of Dr J M #Juran, in this one-hour interaction he shared nuggets never heard before in public. Key points included:

1. How he started as an Economist, a reluctant one, but always had his head and heart in Quality
2. After being told he was over-qualified for the job he had applied for at #TCS he joined consulting firms
3. And then in 1987 #Qimpro happened more as a gift from Dr J M Juran and two well-wishers who dreamt on his behalf
4. Speaking the language of Business helped Qimpro get it's first client Tata Steel
5. Always focus on what matters to the Customer - there is nothing more to Quality
6. This century belongs to #Qualitist.
7. Understanding what is the problem is the key to Quality. Not the tool
8. Future of #quality is #green
9. Keep learning. Keep teaching
10. Our stakeholders are first Earth and the Society we live in. If we fail them all the other results don't matter.

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