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Qualitist - Dr Parag Rindani on Quality in Healthcare

June 25, 2021 Anshuman Tiwari / Balaji Reddie / Parag Rindani Season 1 Episode 1
Manage Better with Anshuman Tiwari
Qualitist - Dr Parag Rindani on Quality in Healthcare
Show Notes

Last week, Balaji S Reddie and Anshuman Tiwari met up with Dr Parag Rindani for the first Qualitist webinar. The term Qualitist was coined by Dr J M Juran and evangelised by Suresh Lulla of Qimpro Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Dr Rindani is the first Qualitist of the Month, announced in May this year.

The series is dedicated to bringing the story of Qualitists in the public domain and encourage quality professionals to aim higher and work harder to further our profession.

Dr Rindani shared a mix of lessons learnt and anecdotes in a 45 min chat. The entire interview is available on YouTube at -

Here are our top5 moments from the chat

1. Cost of Poor Quality or COPQ in Healthcare needs a mission mode. If we save money, without impacting quality, we can serve more patients.

2. Quality errors in Healthcare can be fatal. Loss of life is the biggest prices to pay for an error.

3. Healthcare can and has learnt a lot from other Industries including the Focus on Quality methods.

4. Like everything else, in Healthcare also there are at least two Indias. One, the urban one, has almost world-class healthcare. The other, the rural one, needs a lot of attention.

5. Checklists are often a useful tool in Healthcare Quality. However, the integrity of the people using the checklists is critical and often missing.

Dr Rindani placed his gratitude for the founders of Wockhardt Hospitals Ltd, Dr Lloyd Nazareth, and Suresh Lulla for igniting his passion for Healthcare Quality.

He also cited the good work done by Quality Council of India(QCI), Dr.Girdhar Gyani, and CAHO- Consortium of Accredited Health care Organisation, and Jigisha Lulla of #Qimpro

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