Manage Better with Anshuman Tiwari

ManageBetter - LinkedIn for Personal Branding

July 10, 2021 Anshuman Tiwari / Sakshi Chandraakar / Sri Ram Kumar Season 2 Episode 10
Manage Better with Anshuman Tiwari
ManageBetter - LinkedIn for Personal Branding
Show Notes

Earlier today I hosted a #managebetter show with #personalbranding experts Sakshi Chandraakar and Sri Ram Kumar C on #LinkedIn for Personal Branding.

This was my highest registered (1500+) show and even though I had a major issue with streaming on LinkedIn many of stayed on and caught the show on #YouTube and #twitter . I am grateful for your sustained interest and support.

So what were the top lessons from the show:

1. Find your Why? Why are you on LinkedIn? Who is your audience? What is your purpose?

2. Do not chase numbers. Becoming consistently visible on LinkedIn is an organic process and if your content resonates with your audience they will like and stay.

3. Reaching our to #recruiters is a two way process. Personal branding is primarily about making your brand strong and visible so recruiters reach out to you.

4. Create credible content that resonates with your brand. Random posts occasionally do get viral but do not do anything for your brand. This is organic and long term.

5. Your career success can be explained in a 10-30-60 rule. 10% is your performance. 30% is your brand. And 60% is your visibility

6. Be Real, Relatable, Respectful, and Responsible. Don't get into wrangling matches. It is a waste of time. Respect all opinion including yours.

7. Follow role models in your space and learn from them. Copy them. If possible tell them that you copied from them as well.

8. Don't miss out on basics such as having a professional photograph, crisp clear headline, adequate (but not too much) detail of your roles and achievements, etc.

9. Connect sensibly not indiscriminately. Your connections and followers count for nothing if they don't connect and resonate with you who you are. Keep your brand in mind all the time. What is your Why?

10. Keep learning. LinkedIn keeps changing and improving. Stay in touch with the changes. Example. LinkedIn recently changed it's post length from 1300 to 3000 characters.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show and I hope you will enjoy it as well.

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