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Being a Qualitist - Sumant Sood

August 01, 2021 Anshuman Tiwari
Manage Better with Anshuman Tiwari
Being a Qualitist - Sumant Sood
Show Notes

Sumant Sood was our guest on the #Qualitist show yesterday. The show was live on LinkedIn and YouTube. Organised by Qimpro Foundation with the objective of recognising outstanding #quality professionals who have made an impact and paved a new path for the profession.

Sumant is an outstanding role model Quality and Innovation professional and has had a lasting impact at Titan Company Limited as its current head of #innovation.

Balaji S Reddie and I spoke to Sumant on his and Titan's quality and Innovation journey. Here are some gems from the interview. You can also check the video at

1. Quality professionals must be bilingual. Talk profit/money/impact to senior management and things to do for the team.

2. Persistence is a key skill for aspiring Quality professionals. This must be developed and honed. Nothing comes easy in managing change.

3. Lifelong learning is critical if you want a long life in Quality and Innovation.

4. A Qualitist is a quality professional who practices quality principles everywhere and all the time (Of course, don't try this at home warning applies here). :)

5. Quality is driven by leadership. Titan is today a leader because of the persistence and focus of its founders. The Jewellery division did not make profits for the first 6-7 years but the Leadership remained focused on Quality.

The video episode sounds just right on 1.5x speed on YouTube and will need 30 mins of your time. As always, looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.

The term Qualitist was coined by Dr J M Juran and is evangelised by Suresh Lulla through the Qimpro Foundation which recognises professional Qualitists through an application-based peer review mechanism. For more details please check

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