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Future of Work | Dr Shalini Lal

January 16, 2022 Anshuman Tiwari Season 2 Episode 19
Manage Better with Anshuman Tiwari
Future of Work | Dr Shalini Lal
Show Notes

Dr. Shalini Lal and I got together for what turned out to be an enriching and fascinating conversation on #futureofwork

Some key points Dr Lal spoke about

1. Future is already here and has disrupted how we work already. It is much more than just work arrangements (read, WFH)

2. There is a real danger of 'out of sight, out of mind' in remote working. The need to engage with team members is much more urgent than we think it is

3. Younger people who are joining the workforce are finding it difficult to build bridges. We must help them do so

4. Learning and upskilling is a key element of the future of work. Many of us will have multiple careers, unlike our previous generations.

5. COVID/Pandemic is an accelerator of change. This change would anyways have happened. It is the next big change after work being performed where it was not originated (read, offshoring)

For these and many more insights check the video below. The show is also on YouTube. I will leave a link in the comments section.

Please do also check Dr Lal's fascinating show - The Future of Work. It's featured on her LinkedIn profile and is easy to find.

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